Folko Streese
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About Me

I have been an illustrator and concept artist for games and interactive media for fifteen years now. In the future I would like to lay my focus on illustrations for children and young adults as well as fantasy and science-fiction illustrations for board and card games, role-playing systems and book covers.

clients (extract)

• BBC Books
• Cryptozoic
• Daedalic
• Ecko Unltd.
• Fantasy Flight Games
• Games Workshop
• Macmillan Books
• Otherworld Verlag
• Octopus Books
• Oxford University Press
• Paramount Pictures
• Piranha Bytes
• ProSieben
• Ravensburger Digital
• Ravensburger Buchverlag

projects (extract)

• „Hansel and Gretel - The Witchhunters"
• „Hex- Shards of Fate" MMO TCG
• „Warhammer Blood Bowl Card Game"
• „A Game of Thrones LCG"
• „The Spoils" TCG
• „Warlord CCG"
• „Midgard" RPG
• „A New Beginning“
• „Simon the Sorcerer IV“
• „Gothic“
• „The Dark Eye Mobile“ vol. 1-15
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